Mesoamerican Studies On-Air: Season 2, Ep. 12-32

Episodes in English and Spanish where indicated

Episode 13: An introduction to the Preclassic Period

Episodio 13: Una introducción al periodo preclásico

Episode 14: Has Isthmian script been deciphered?

Episode 15: Olmec Art and Culture

Episodio 15: Arte y cultura olmeca

Episode 16: Obsidiana del preclásico en Chalcatzingo (Preclassic Obsidian at Chalcatzingo) con arqueólogo Omar Espinosa

Episode 17: An introduction to the Classic Period

Episodio 17: Una introducción al periodo clásico

Episode 18: The Classic Maya w/ Epigrapher Mary Kate Kelly

Episode 19: Los maya del clásico con invitado/a especial

Episode 20: Teotihuacan

Episodio 20: Teotihuacán

Episode 21: An introduction to West Mexico

Episodio 21: Una introducción al oeste de México

Episode 22: West Mexico w/ Special Guest Interview

Episode 23: El oeste de México con invitado/a especial

Episode 24: An introduction to Oaxaca

Episodio 24: Una introducción a Oaxaca

Episode 25: Oaxaca con invitado/a especial

Episode 26: An introduction to the Postclassic Mexica/Aztec

Episodio 26: Una introducción a los mexica del posclásico

Episode 27: The Mexica w/ Special Guest Interview

Episode 28: Los mexica con invitado especial

Episode 29: The Maya, Then and Now

Episodio 29: Los mayas, antes y ahora

Episode 30: The Kakchiquel Language w/ Special Guest Interview

Episode 31: Mayan Languages (continued) w/ Special Guest Interview

Episode 32: Season 2 Wrap-Up

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